Where can you buy the best bread in Wiltshire?

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All good things take time………

Our Master Bakers, Hobbs House Bakery believe there are some things you just can’t rush. All of their bread is made by hand with true care and attention, many using ‘overnight’ fermentation for a deeper flavour and a better rise.

Their not-so-secret weapon is their 66 year old Sourdough Starter which they have been nourishing with flour and water every day for all of these years. In return their little Starter has helped them create countless true sourdough loaves with countless home bakers all over the country.

From Blacksmith to Baker

100 years of baking is pretty impressive isn’t it?

It all started with Thomas. A blacksmith in Down Ampney but they hit hard times and had a young family. As his wife Mabel’s family were bakers, she persuaded Thomas to hang up the leather apron, put on a linen one and learn to make bread. His first loaves were terrible and, having less money than before, they got down on their knees and prayed…

…The answer came in a man named Mr Richards on his bicycle; he showed them how to make bread using less yeast. Yeast was the most expensive ingredient for bakers at the time. He also taught them how to make bread using the ‘overnight’ method; a method they still use daily.

These days, Hobbs are based in Tetbury. They still make their bread in the traditional way using the best locally sourced ingredients. As well as supplying the best retail outlets in the South West, they also run courses to teach people how to make their own bread as well. If you don’t have the time to make your own, you’ll find a lovely range of delicious fresh baked bread in our Chalet Bakery every Saturday & Sunday. We also offer a slightly reduced range during the week within the main Farm Shop.

Where can you buy the best bread in Wiltshire?

Our Fresh Baked Bread Menu

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