Regret Hot Sauce


WARNING: Not for the faint hearted!

This is Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s hottest ever product! A blend of garlic, herbs, tomatoes, lime and searing heat courtesy of 12 million scoville unit oleoresin. Absolutely not for the faint of heart!

Insanely hot with a hint of garlic. An extraordinarily hot limited-edition sauce – use sparingly to add real fire to any dish.

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HEAT SCALE:  5 Chillies (Extreme!) out of 5.

WCF 5 Chillies Extreme

TRY WITH:  Chilli Con Carne / Pasta Dishes / Revenge / Fiery Curry.

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60ml Regret Hot Sauce

INGREDIENTS: Tomato, Cider vinegar, Bourbon, Garlic, Lime, Ghost pepper, Habanero, 12 million scoville oleoresin, Salt, Herbs.