Handmade Wheat Heat Bags


Soothe those ache’s and pains and snuggle up with our gorgeous Cotton Wheat Bags!

Our beautifully designed Wheat Bags are a safe alternative to the traditional hot water bottle or electric heating pad for pain relief and general warmth and comfort.

Whether they are used hot or cold the grains allow the bags to settle against the contours of  the body making them pliable & comfortable to use.  ​Heat therapy dilates the blood vessels inside muscle, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to help heal damaged tissue. Cold applications slow down the inflammation and swelling.

Wheat Bags are great for:

Relieve neck and shoulder tension.

Soothe back pain.

Soothe muscular aches and stiff joints.

Ease arthritis pain.

Quiet headaches.

Relax tired eyes.

Cool a fever.

Reduce swelling.




Handmade Wheat Heat Bags

100 % Cotton & Microwavable.

Suitable for all ages over 36 months, they comply with British Safety Standards.

Simply place in a clean microwave with a rotary table for 1-2 minutes maximum on a medium setting.

Size: 46cm x 14cm approx.

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