Garlic Infused Olive Oil


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Naturally infused Garlic Olive oil is made from only two ingredients; premium extra virgin olive oil, and freshly picked garlic. The garlic is picked, washed and dried in the Sicilian sunshine before being infused into freshly pressed olive oil which is made from Cerasuola olives.

It is free from any artificial flavourings that you do find in many flavoured oils.

Drizzle over fish or chicken, over salads, on crushed or mashed potatoes, glug into soup or over paella, or enjoy as a dip with fresh bread.

Delicious and perfect for individuals following a clean, vegan, gluten free, dairy free or low sugar diet, or trying to improve heart health.

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Garlic Infused Olive Oil 250ml

Ingredients: Garlic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.