Fish Nibbles With Salmon


Fish nibbles with Salmon are 100% fish. These tasty little heart nibbles are a great natural treat for any cat, packed with proteins, oils and nutrients, to build and maintain health. Caught in Icelandic waters, these fish are sustainable, and responsibly sourced.

Naturally air dried, at low temperatures (using sustainable and clean energy) to preserve all the nutrients.


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Fish Nibbles With Salmon (85g)


80% White Fish 20% Salmon.

Analytical Constituents per 5ml:

Protein -58.4%, Fat 11.4%, Dry Matter- 92.9%, Ash – 10.2%, Fibre -0.2%rf, 1614 kj/383 kcal.

Why it’s so good!

Sustainably sourced.

Gluten free.

Wheat free.

Rich in Omega 3.


Stimulate growth of bone structure.

Good for skin and coat.