Duo Fabric Wheat Heat Bag Ducks (Lavender)


Comforting, warming and relaxing, a natural way to soothe aches and pains.

This beautifully-made dual-sided heat bag pairs gorgeous cotton fabric with soft, breathable fleece that sits cosily against your skin.

It’s perfect for when you’re feeling cold, stressed or suffering from tense muscles and aches.

And it can be used as a cool pack – simply place in the freezer for up to an hour to relieve pain.

Filled with cleaned English wheat with added English Lavender buds.

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Duo Fabric Wheat Heat Bag Ducks (Lavender)

Handmade in Wiltshire, England.

Size: 47cm x 14cm approx.

Material: 100% cotton and fleece.

Simply place in a clean microwave with a rotary table for 1-2 minutes maximum on a medium setting.

Suitable for all ages over 36 months.

Complies with British Safety Standards.