Dark Habanero Chilli Sauce


The mystery of the chocolate habanero is revealed in this simple, hot sauce created to let the uniquely rich smoky sweetness of this illusive chilli shine out.

Hot, earthy and rich taste with a sweet, smoky undertone. Use as a hot condiment or add to a chilli.

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HEAT SCALE:  5 Chillies (Extreme!) out of 5.

WCF 5 Chillies Extreme

TRY WITH:  Pulled Pork / Chilli Con Carne / Portobello Mushroom Burger / Mayonnaise.

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100ml Dark Habanero Chilli Sauce

INGREDIENTS: Chocolate Habanero, Cider Vinegar, Tomatoes, Sugar, Onion, Raw Cacao, Chipotle, Salt, Mixed Spices.