Crystal Birthstone Angel Wing Hearts


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Handmade in the UK, the Birthstone Angel Wing Heart crystal suncatcher is the perfect present for birthdays and many other occasions.

A mirror-finish metal Angel Wing Heart motif is accentuated with birthstone crystals, encompassing a Swarovski octagon crystal.

This stunning crystal suncatcher comes with an explanation of its colour meaning and is packaged in an elegant Organza bag

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Crystal Birthstone Angel Wing Hearts

Average Length: 17cm

Birthstone Information:

January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Aurora Borealis

May – Emerald

June – Light Amethyst

July – Ruby

August – Peridot

September – Sapphire

October – Rose

November – Topaz

December – Blue Zircon.

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Garnet (January), Amethyst (February), Aquamarine (March), Aurora Borealis (April), Emerald (May), Light Amethyst (June), Ruby (July), Peridot (August), Sapphire (September), Rose (October), Topaz (November), Blue Zircon (December)