Our Moo2Yoo Milk Vending Hut

We recently opened our Milk Vending Machine which you’ll find next to the Farm Shop. It is operated by Matt & Chrissie Crossman who manage their herd of Friesian and Holstein Cows at Manor Farm in All Cannings. Our milk is delicious – it doesn’t taste anything like supermarket milk (everyone agrees with us). The milk is gently pasteurised on the farm and isn’t processed in any other way. Delightfully fresh straight from All Cannings. Truly, locally produced milk!

Unlike shop bought milk which can take up to 2 weeks to reach your fridge, Moo2Yoo aim to have our milk available within 4 hours of the cows being milked. It really is that fresh!

Our self service vending machine allows you to buy fresh, local, un-homogenised whole milk 7 days a week with easy access and easy parking.

A bottle costs £2.50 (or you can bring your own clean bottle – it just needs to be able to hold 1ltr). Our bottles are dishwasher safe and re-usable so you can keep bringing it back for refills.

Both the milk vending machine and the bottle vending machine accept contactless and coin only payments. If you do pay with cash, bring the correct change as we are not able to provide change from the Farm Shop or Café.

You’ll also find a delicious range of Milkshake Syrups available to mix with your milk and take home with you. Each shot of syrup costs 50p and there is an honesty box for this so make sure you bring the right change for the honesty box.

Top tips for making a milkshake – put the shot of syrup in the bottle first (we find one shot is enough). Then add the milk making sure you tilt the bottle so the milk runs down the inside of the bottle and doesn’t froth up and overflow the bottle. The machine is perfectly calibrated to dispense just enough milk to fill a 1ltr bottle with milk with one shot of syrup. If you remember to tilt you bottle, it won’t overflow and you’ll go home with a full bottle of milkshake.

Our milk bottles hold slightly more than 1ltr of milk so if you don’t turn your milk into a milkshake, don’t worry if there is a gap at the top of the bottle – it is 1 full litre of milk!

To find out more about Moo2Yoo – follow their Facebook page HERE

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