Meet Our Team

Chris – Logistics Manager

Behind every good woman is a good man or so they say – Chris knows his place! The man who holds the award for ‘Best Stacker’ – he can get any thing into any place – you may not ever be able to get it out again but he will get it in! He can also fix pretty much anything with some baler twine, a strip of wood and a generous dollop of Gorilla Glue! He breezes in and breezes out between the job he is actually paid to do elsewhere. The perfect gentlemen, he’s very popular with our more senior ladies (and Kerry) 

Kerry – Managing Director

She started all this so basically everything is her fault. She holds the award for ‘Messiest Desk’ unbeaten and unrivalled for 27 years. She always has nice nails though and will do anything for a bit of cheese (which is handy for opening a Farm Shop that will sell lots of it). Ever the planner, Kerry is always thinking about succession planning and has already trained her two Granddaughters, Gracie & Poppy, to use the till and wrap customer’s purchases.

Jemma – Farm Shop Manager

If it’s not Kerry’s fault, it is almost certainly Jemma’s. The shop floor is her domain and she likes nothing better than creating pretty displays although she can easily be swayed to do anything else for a gert slab of cake  We should also tell you that if it’s got a Flamingo on it, Jemma orders it – she is Flamingo crazy! Jemma currently holds the award for ‘Tallest Notebook Stash’. She really doesn’t need any more excuses to buy a pretty new notebook (to be fair there was a tie-break with Kerry for this one too – you can never really have too many notebooks in our opinion). 

Lolly – Office Manager

Our very own ray of sunshine! Lolly dances in every morning and is usually the first one to put the kettle on! She’ll do anything for anyone. We took her on to organise Kerry but she gave up on that pretty quickly and discovered she was pretty good at making our online shop look irresistible so we let her play with that. In the spare time we allow her, she is Mum to 3 beautiful children and 1 annoyingly creative husband and together they are doing a rather cracking job of renovating their house.

Fiona – Brand Manager

Fiona is our resident high profile celebrity. She is the face of our Privilege Customer Club and travels the local area evangelising about everything that is brilliant about Spotty Dog! She knows everything about anything so if you want to know anything at all – just ask Fiona. Married to David and Mum to Banksy the gorgeous Labrador, they can often be found travelling the country in their passion wagon visiting beautiful places, searching out fine food and copious quantities of good booze!

Louise – Social Media Manager

Stand still for long enough and Louise will take a pic of you and share it on our social media channels! There are no secrets here anymore since she arrived – we can’t get away with anything. If it’s a great story, Louise wants to know about it and share it with our tribe! We get two for the price of one with Lou though, her gorgeous little daughter Indie often makes an appearance in our images. Husband Mark though, is considering lodging a formal complaint about the amount of spangly, glittery and/ or noisy bits and bobs Louise keeps bringing home to photograph when she creates her images…… oh dear…….

So there you have it – we are the Management Team at Spotty Dog Farm Shop and our job is to make sure you are very well looked after however you choose to shop with us.

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