Spotty Dog’s New Meal Boxes – How does it work?

Everything you need to cook a meal for 2, for the family or something a bit special!

Fed up of takeaways? Feeling the pressure of having to come up with something tasty to eat tonight? Keen to use great quality, locally sourced ingredients? Want control over how healthy your cooking should be?

We source all our ingredients from local suppliers. Our meat comes from our own Master Butcher and is reared locally here in Wiltshire or just over the border in the case of our poultry. Our Fruit & Veg is sourced for us by our own Green Grocer and is always locally grown when in season, often comes from the West Country and sometimes comes from further afield when the availability and quality cannot be achieved locally. Everything else is sourced from small suppliers who in turn source from our own region wherever possible.

How do I get a Spotty Dog Meal Box?

In a moment, we’ll take you to our menu and choose the meal/s you fancy. Add any extra side dishes, puddings or beverages if you want to.

Don’t forget to choose the day you want to collect from our Farm Shop in Rowde or we can even deliver free to addresses in SN10/SN11 or Bromham – Monday to Friday. You’ll see the day your Meal Box will be available from and you can then choose from the four days following whichever one you want to collect on. This will ensure we include really fresh ingredients for you and you’ll be able to plan which day you want to cook it!

Once you’ve placed your order, leave it with us. We’ll source everything you’ve requested and create your Meal Box especially for you. You’ll get everything you need to create the meal, fresh ingredients and instructions where necessary.

Store Cupboard Essentials – to keep the cost of your Meal Box down, where a recipe calls for a ‘pinch of this’ or a ‘teaspoon of that’ we think you’ll probably have in your cupboard already, we won’t include it in your Meal Box. We will highlight it and give you the option to purchase it if you need to.

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Do we get instructions with these Meal Boxes?

You’ll find instructions on all of the Spicentice Kits. For everything else, just follow the instructions on the packs. We’ve made it really easy for you!

Can I collect a Meal Box from the Farm Shop?

Yes you can – you still need to pre-order them online but you can collect them during our normal opening hours. Because everything for our Meal Boxes is delivered fresh in to us, please wait to collect until we get in touch to confirm your Meal Box is ready.

Can we specify a delivery time?

If you would like a Home Delivery, our Meal Boxes are delivered free. We can’t offer precise delivery times but we will deliver on the day you request. We generally deliver to SN10 between late morning and late afternoon and to Bromham/SN11 early evening. If you have any special requests we’ll do our best to accommodate you – just leave us a note at the checkout.

What if I’m not going to be home?

Just let us know – we can leave your Meal Box in a safe place of your choosing, in a cooled box for you or you are welcome to collect your Meal Box at a better time to suit you.

I don’t live locally, can you post a meal box to me?

Not at the moment, sorry. Currently our Meal Box service is only available locally for people who want one delivered to their home in SN10, SN11 or Bromham (Monday-Friday only) or who can visit our Farm Shop in Rowde, Wiltshire to collect it. We are exploring suitable packaging that will ensure that any orders we do send out with a courier arrive safely (still chilled and in one piece).

Can I order extra portions?

You’ll find extra items which you can add to your meal box – we aren’t able to add a whole extra portion to a Meal Box because our ingredients are not split that way. We think our boxes are pretty generous but you can order an extra one or just add extra options to your Meal Box from the Sides section on our Menu.

Can I get a smaller portion?

As above really – most of our Meals can be frozen or eaten the next day so there is no need to waste anything. Don’t be tempted to split the Spicentice Spice Packs because they are carefully balanced to guarantee the perfect result every time. It’s definitely better to cook the whole meal and freeze any left portions for another day.

What about allergies?

The person who knows most about allergies is the person who has it! We’ve given as much information as we can but if you have any questions about any of our Meal Boxes, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m Vegan/Vegetarian – do you offer options for me?

We will be adding new Meal Boxes and hope to accommodate different diets soon.

Where does your meat and fish come from?

Our Meat is all top quality Free Range and is supplied to us by our Master Butcher at Downland Produce. Chris and his team source our meat locally (mainly from Lackham College in Chippenham) and our Poultry comes from a couple of farms on the Wiltshire border. Our Master Fishmonger is Rob Greenacre – he runs his small family business in Plymouth. Our fish is sustainable sourced and comes fresh off the boats at Brixham and Plymouth.

Where do your fresh fruit & vegetables come from?

Our Greengrocer is Lovejoys of Melksham. They are a family run business who take great pride in sourcing as much produce as they can from local farmers and producers. Their priority is always, Local. If they can’t get locally, they will source British. Only if neither are possible, do they source further afield to get the produce we all want, when we want it. Your Meal box will contain fresh fruit and veg that will have been delivered in to us the same day you want it – now that’s fresh!!

Will you be offering more menu choices?

Oh goodness yes! We have lots of lovely new Meal Boxes lined up for you and we’ll be adding to our range every week.

Can we give you feedback about the Meal Boxes and request new Boxes for your Menu?

Yes – absolutely! Just email us at or message us from our Facebook Page – we’d love to hear from you!

We are not trying to compete with other Meal Kit/Box companies. Our experience of these (we have tried them) has been that they can be unreliable, often have ingredients missing from their boxes, offer very small portions, contain lots of packaging waste and sometimes contain poor quality fresh (or not so) produce. Our boxes are picked for you by our staff, we are much smaller scale and really care about the quality of the produce you’ll be getting. It will include fresh produce, free range produce, sustainable produce and we source whatever we can locally. What you get in your Meal Box is exactly the same food you can also buy in our Farm Shop.

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