Cook at Home Meal Kits

Everything you need to cook a meal for 2, for the family or something a bit special!

Fed up of takeaways? Feeling the pressure of having to come up with something tasty to eat tonight? Keen to use great quality, locally sourced ingredients? Want control over how healthy your cooking should be?

We source all our ingredients from local suppliers. Our meat comes from our own Master Butcher and is reared locally here in Wiltshire or just over the border in the case of our poultry. Our Fruit & Veg is sourced for us by our own Green Grocer and is always locally grown when in season, often comes from the West Country and sometimes comes from further afield when the availability and quality cannot be achieved locally. Everything else is sourced from small suppliers who in turn source from our own region wherever possible.

Browse our menu and choose the meal/s you fancy. Add any extra side dishes or beverages if you want to. Choose the day you want to collect from our Farm Shop in Rowde or we can deliver free to addresses in SN10/SN11 or Bromham.

Now, leave it with us. We’ll source everything you’ve requested and create your meal kit especially for you. You’ll get everything you need to create the meal, fresh ingredients and full instructions.

Store Cupboard Essentials – to keep the cost of your kit down, where a recipe calls for a ‘pinch of this’ or a ‘teaspoon of that’ we think you’ll probably have in your cupboard already, we won’t include it in your kit. We will highlight it and give you the option to purchase it if you want to.

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