Where is my local Glass Bottle Milk Vending Machine?

The Moo2Yoo Milk Hut at Spotty Dog Farm Shop

Since local dairy farmers Matt & Chrissie Crossman started their local milk vending machine business Moo2Yoo just before the Pandemic in 2020, they’ve saved more than 30,000 plastic bottles going to landfill!

You can make a difference and reduce plastic waste!

That is a staggering achievement in itself. Not only is buying your milk from us more sustainable, it’s a really easy pledge that everyone in our local area can make. It has never been more important for us all to think about what we can do to protect our planet. It’s also just better tasting milk. The milk in our Moo2Yoo Milk Hut comes from the girls that Matt & Chrissie take care of in All Cannings. Just 7 miles from us. After milking the milk is gently pasteurised on their farm. Then it’s brought down to our Farm Shop in Devizes and loaded into the vending machine. It doesn’t come much fresher than that. Our customers are always telling us it tastes so much better than supermarket milk.

Make your own fresh milk shakes!

We also have a Moo Shake Milk Bar. It offers 12 different flavours of milk shake syrups. Making a litre of delicious milk shake couldn’t be easier. At only 50p a shot (we have an honesty box for the syrups so don’t forget to bring the correct change for that).

The kids love coming to Spotty Dog Farm Shop to choose their flavours and make their milk shakes!

You can buy as many glass bottles as you need from the vending machine next to the Milk machine. Alternatively you can bring your own clean 1ltr glass bottles or reused plastic bottles. Its only £1 per litre to fill them up! You can pay using cash or card at both vending machines.

Opening Milk Hut Opening Times

Our Moo2Yoo Milk Hut is open from 7am-6pm Mon to Saturday and 8am-6pm on Sundays

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