How could I treat my team?

How could I treat my team? This question is one we like a LOT. It can be a true eye-opener to many on just how far a little gesture or appreciation can go.

It has been an incredibly tough 18 months for so many businesses, but some have managed to continue working throughout. This of course wouldn’t have come easy; adaptions/changes would have been made to enable them to continue, and maintain a high standard. One of the biggest changes so many businesses had to make was to implement a new ‘system’ so their employees could work from home, and their business could keep moving. This would have come with a lot of pressure, trust, and risks for both the employer and employee. Overall a pretty anxious time! So the question ‘How could I treat my team?’ is a vital question! and one we have answered in a way that hopefully helps you.

The affects of lockdown

A large number of employers have been recognising how lockdown and the prolonged change in the way their employees are having to work, and interact are having an effect on the team as a whole. It’s natural for humans to put a wall up when it comes to change, or doing something out of their comfort zone. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for an innumerable amount of businesses. Employers are noticing this and appreciating the efforts each and every one of their workforces are making to continue to service their customers, but how can they show their appreciation? After all, this may seem harder with the squad working from home. Regardless of where your employees are working, you can still provide the following and more:

  • Provide flexible working times – This is more powerful than you realise. People want time to take better care of themselves as well as have extra all important family time.
  • Communicate often – Take away the ‘ loneliness’ of working from home. Have regular catch ups and make it more fun! Do zoom games such as music bingo. Team bonding is key!
  • Respect – Give Respect, Take Respect
  • Be spontaneous – Think outside the box. Send/bring a little surprise. Provide magnetising moments they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Little treats go a long way

This is where we come in…..

If you are a business that wants to go the extra mile in rewarding your team; after all, it’s the least they deserve! Then the Spotty Dog Farm Shop has just what you need.

What better way to show your appreciation than with an afternoon tea gift set with a personalised message? A pleasant way to surprise your employees and go some way to showing them that all their hard work is very much appreciated. The wonderful thing is that our afternoon tea sets are all made to order, so you can agree on a budget and we make sure the box is full of wonderful treats! We can assure you, you won’t be disappointed! We are a company that loves our staff, they are our family! So to be able to provide this treatment to other businesses who want to recognise their staff in this way is quite simply incredible! We really know how wonderous this ‘little treat’ can be!

Here at The Spotty Dog Farm Shop, we love to keep giving, so the tailored make gifts don’t end there! Yes, you heard it! Whether you want a gift for businesses, clubs, or individual purposes. Christmas, Birthdays, Special Occasions, or recognising great work – we can create the perfect gift for you!


We source as much of our range as we can locally (and from farms when in season) – We’ll even tell you where everything we have was grown. The produce range that we can not get locally comes from smaller British businesses, such as Cornish Charcuterie to name one.

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